In search of a name for this opera i find myself drawn to such phrases that begin with "as" since they seem to belong to a hidden pre-existing sentence. The essence of the title should convey the transformative nature of water into desire, as it departs from non-human/human/minerals(…) bodies. Despite its lack of grammatical perfection, the phrase “…as water left our bodies becoming wheezing desire” keep representing this precise feeling for me. As water leaves the body, it transforms into desire: an impactful image for me. Does the concept of “desire” exists in a specific realm or in in-between states like water does? Water evaporates, forming a link with our surroundings. Inspired by this ethereal pattern, desire extend beyond our physical selves. As water leaves, a metamorphosis occurs within the depths of our souls. The transformative power of water, the element that quenches our physical and spiritual thirst intertwined with the intensity of our longings. It wove its way through the fabric of our beings, leaving us forever changed. Through the symbolism and embodiment of the transformative power of water in a dramatic and plastic work I found a way to communicate the depth of my desires. Those are desires of warmness, beauty and care, together with the desire for the transposition of an imperfect digital garden into the the realm of offline life.