Under the stones the roots are entangled and so it’s in between us, the bones lay in horizontal and vertical positions surrounded by clay capsules that contain ash. On the quiet alleys the birds are hiding from light, scared by the key that inside the metal door announces the next electromagnetic interaction. Candles are still burning, the ink faded. They were named the imperial school. Their stones are massive and bountiful. The stones that are laying on the ground represent the ones that were lost in the second shelling.

In her dark eyes the alley seems brighter and we stay in silence waiting for the other one to pour the light on the ground. In the unknown we step carefully, we don’t want to disturb the altars of innocence. The sparkle in her eyes make clear how much she loves humanity, her soul is split in 195 countries respectively 10406 cities, all with different egregores. From the construction of the sky plexus you can see them slowly fading.

As a star that is consuming itself to burn she says:
“surrendering to the unknown we will get to know the impossible since technological tools are ritualistic objects that help everyday rituals to be fulfilled, their role is to make the actions closer to the desired result. Their role is to make the person closer to the desired identity. The wise person acts out of their intuition, connected to the paragon self. Similar with the platonic object we have the self blueprint with qualities of metaphysical kind. This entanglement between a person and the paragon self is the beginning of the way to the unknown - inhabited by the impossible.

Pay attention with love when you feel entangled with the other timelines. You can increase the amount of vital energy for the present timeline by doing exchanges.”

The altars of innocence have to be protected from the next shelling
Heaven bestows
Earth begets


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