Do not forget to embrace the emotions that take up the infinite plane in internālis.
Do not forget to acknowledge the beauty within the limited plane that our bones and fleshes seize to exist within externālis.
Do not forget the existence of cōnectō, the state of metamorphosis that takes in the tunnel between the internālis and externālis, to nurture the reality that we seize to exist, and to cherish the smallest particles such as the quarks within the atom to ground ourselves to nature. After all, the two realities were discovered by the existence of the portal that brought us together.
As our existence in the internal realm yearns for the death and birth of every small particle, we sense the physical pain as every fracture of our bones and fleshes break and morph into a new state.
Do not forget to nurture your roots and seeds in every realm in which you exist.

On August 30th at an offsite cemetery in Berlin, Alecchina showcased their forthcoming project “In-Externālis”, which explores the connection between internal and external reality. The project indicates two complete silhouettes (internālis and externālis) and one hidden silhouette (cōnectō), which is revealed solely by performative action. This project is exceptionally dedicated to MAAY, their muse, and their dearest friend. This project is done in partnership with HIGHSNOBIETY, under the project “A MUSE ME” consulted by Julian Zigerli and Teresa Fagbohoun from UDK Berlin.

The first silhouette, internālis, which is constructed mainly from an architectural material, indicates the existence of immaterial reality. The main medium that constructs the first piece is aluminum wires and spray foam insulations. It is dedicated to portraying immaterial reality as a demolition site to embrace the deconstructive imperfection and asymmetrical complexities that one’s internal reality upholds.

The second silhouette, externālis, resembles material reality by accentuating the elements that cover the internal realm. The main function of the second silhouette is to be a cloth that covers the first silhouette, as material reality does to immaterial reality. The second silhouette upholds the elements that are polar opposite to the first silhouette; symmetry, embellishment, and femininity.

The performance starts with two models wearing each silhouette. The model wearing the second silhouette would remove their clothes, revealing the white tights embellished with ribbons and laces. The model would then put the clothes on to the model wearing the first silhouette to reveal the main function of the second silhouette, which is to cover the first silhouette. The models would then hold hands and let the long sleeves to connect each other. This performance reveals the third silhouette, cōnectō, the final form, that indicates the presence of the connection between internal and external reality. The first silhouette which peaks out of the second silhouette resembles the leakage that discharges the internal realm to the external domain.

This project encourages the viewers to empathize with their own internal realm and to perceive immaterial reality as a reality that exists in real life. It is furthermore dedicated to the audiences to find a compromise between the limited plane that material reality upholds and the infinite plane from immaterial reality, to utilize their own body as a tool to express the universe one upholds.

Make up + designer +stylist: @alecchina Photographer: @koljaaaaa__ @madalinagacenau Videographer: @madalinagacenau Models: @_m_a_a_y @lesliesaintclaire Light assistant:@_cru___ @carpatosmusic @sebod_ hosted by: @sybilacivada Online show on Soloshow
For more information or any questions regarding any release, contact:
Minji Park (Alecchina)


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