I fantasize a springtime and cry

I fantasize a springtime and cry (Chapter 4: Wings 1:68 scale)
curated by Yaby for La Casa Encendida
Artists: Torre Alain & Rasheed Mirza, Pedro Herrero Ferrán, Precious Okoyomon and Cole Lu
Domestic objects and sentimental tokens reworked to manufacture queer melodramas of digital correspondences, exchanges and ceremonies in the distance.

La pieza colaborativa de Torre Alain & Rasheed Mirza es un encuentro amoroso en la distancia. Une y otro van disponiendo desde sus casas recuerdos sentimentales, posesiones y símbolos del otrx, obsequios para lx otrx (una joya, unas velas y un zumo, un ángel, un arnés). Se intercambian por email sus postales románticas y así van construyéndose su propia lengua material, su propio código de cortejo, íntimo y melodramático, hecho de objetos corrientes bañados en luz triste .

Torre Alain & Rasheed Mirza's collaborative piece is a loving encounter in the distance. One and another are arranging sentimental memories, possessions and symbols of the other from their houses, gifts for the other (a jewel, some candles and a juice, an angel, a harness). Their fictional postcards are exchanged by email and in this way they build their own material language, intimate and melodramatic, made of ordinary objects bathed in sad light.

centerpiece, Torre & Mirza (Chakoh cocounut water, grass jelly, lotus candles (wrapped), white taper candles (burned), angel, clipart, cupping jars)
“♥” Rick Ownens Walrus SS17 // modded Cesare transitional cloak, designed by Mirza, executed by Torre (security tags, label tags, bondage harness, aquarium plants, pleather, cotton, polyester, plastic hanger)
“♥”bike (Torre's) (bike, bondage harness, scorpion in resin, aquarium plants, plastic charm, clipart, tape)
“♥”transitional cloak p2 (found lotus ornament)
“♥”Shiva Abhishekam, Mirza for Torre (black marble lingam, gel, plastic beads, PVC figurine)
“♥”chandelier, Torre for Mirza (stamped tin, cut glass, plastic dog bone charm with secret note, plastic brush, plastic angel wing, aquarium plants, beads)
“♥”offering bowl, Torre for Mirza (rice dough fish, cupping jar, glass bowl, clipart, lolipops, Hello Kitty jellies, plastic beads, aquarium plant, plastic jar)
“♥”1:68 scale model of the court where Cesare played jeu de paume with Charles in a wager for the marriage of Carlotta de Aragon, 1498, from Mirza to Torre (carboard box, "fragile" tape, polymer clay, silk fringe, wood, acrylic paint)
“♥”gargoyle, Torre & Mirza (angel, canned lychees)