Tendrils writhing out from the earth unfurl into half-suggested forms. As dusk fades, the pursed eyelids of sleeping giants flutter open in the glint of moonlight. ‘Dreamers Gate’ is a ballad sung in slathered cement and rusted wire, cut short by slugshots at the final stanza. Sneaksmen hold up a hotel over the road, leaving a trapper for dead.

The RTAngelocene has been beckoned through an aeonic portal off the M23. 60 km north of Canberra/Kanberri, a 7-metre high proscenium of leaping arches and spindled ornament emerges from an empty lot, opposite The Bushranger Inn. Begun by Phantastes in 1993, ‘Dreamers Gate’ was intended as a devotion to the artist's father, and to the town itself. On the brink of the millennium, Phantastes received a ‘stop work’ order from the local council, halting its completion. For ten years, the ruins have awaited demolition, haunting the bypass.

In the forgotten prologue to a heathen prayer, we adore those Janus-headed charleys lingering about the threshold. “Oh to caress the Stoney cheek of a wayside guardian, fixed by a gorgon’s stare! To bundle clootie rags through the boney recess of your clavicle! To string up prayers between your ruined vaults!”

offsite exhibition by Ritual Transmission Agency, curated by Torre Alain, Marian Luft and Gözde Filinta
‘Peter Pan Collar A’, 2022, screenprint on fabric
Gwyneth Grace Miller and Jasper Devitt
‘Templex 1’ and ‘Templex 2’, 2022, liquid latex
Harry de Vries.
Grace Blake
‘Sediment 1 (Extrusion of it’s a very wide cut above the dark)’, 2020
Sand, soil, unfired clay, pigment, studio waste, sea grass, fly ash, cement
Seamus Heidenreich

‘III: Templon Angelicka’, takes place at ‘Dreamers Gate’, a monumental sculpture by Tony Phantastes in the town of Collector/Colegdah, NSW, Australia. Featuring work by Harry de Vries, Seamus Heidenreich, Jasper Devitt, Gwyneth Grace Miller, and Grace Blake.

Ritual Transmission Agency is an antipodean off-rite platform based in Sydney, Australia.

Sanskrit ऋत: /ɹ̩tam/;
In Vedic religion, Ṛta refers to the principle of natural order which regulates and coordinates the operation of the universe and everything within it.[1][note 1]; It is the last surviving word in any Indo-European language to preserve the etymological root definition of art.

UK: /ˌɑː.tiːˈeɪ/ US: /ˌɑːr.tiːˈeɪ/
abbreviation for
-Road Traffic Accident: Used especially by police forces, medical staff, insurance companies, etc.
-Real Time Attack: A genre of video game speed-run.
-Returned to Australia: Officially used by the Australian Defence Force in reference to demobilised troops.
-Ready to Assemble: A term for flatpacked furniture requiring DIY construction.

Templon Angelicka: Ritual Transmission Agency

Seamus Heidenreich, Harry de Vries, Gwyneth Grace Miller, Jasper Devitt, Grace Blake