Underground Flower

Orchid Fire Lily I Fire Lily II Hydrangea Dog Rose Hellebore Snapdragon
Chrysanthemum Bleeding Heart Gypsophilia Thistle Clover

Tzvetnik: Orchid Ofluxo: Fire Lily Tzvetnik: Dog Rose


Walking on thin ice
I'm paying the price
For throwing the dice in the air
Why must we learn it the hard way
And play the game of life with your heart?

I gave you my knife
You gave me my life
Like a gush of wind in my hair
Why do we forget what's been said
And play the game of life with our hearts?

I may cry some day
But the tears will dry whichever way
And when our hearts return to ashes
It'll be just a story


w/ Duncan Herd, Laura F Antolin, Don Elektro, Ian Bruener, Coleman Mummery,
Ssignsings, Kanrec Sakul, Orion Facey, Raul Altosaar, Studio_Visiting_Piece_of_Shit, Wednesday Kim, MRZB, Elvin Sanders

Curated by Alain Musat & Isa Magalhaes
Poem by Yoko Ono
Photos by Alain Musat
Tho Ngoc, HCMC, Vietnam