Sleeping Dogs Lie

+Sleeping Dogs Playlist (3 tapes) <<<<--

oh,5 and i borrowed y5our watch, ……i’ll bring it back it back soon////steada kisses,,,,,,,,///waxxxy”cover,,and she smiled’’’’’’her face like a;;bigsunflower fever hay pufferasthma’’’the magic555puff,
Michal Kennedy, acrylic on two canvases, 30 x 30 cm each

Keep My Living Space Clean and Tidy, Victoria Stolz

Kombucha Lava Lamp, Dig Technology Series, Juliette ALbright

2 Drawings, Markuz Royale


Endless Lonely Planet, Christopher LG Hill

+Juliette Albright, Gear <<<<----

Sleeping Dogs Lie⁣
at ill Fame⁣
28 August - 11 September
& 28 September - 20 October

⁣ w. Dasa Juhama, Markuz Royale, Michael Kennedy, learning118273, Victoria Stolz, evA l'avasseur, Juliette Aubrit, Anna Sorokin ⁣

Text: Endless Lonely Planet by Christopher LG Hill, Selected by Andy Radecky for the Pageboy project
Playlist: evA l'avaseur
Curated by Tore Zhang