All Eternity to Love the Dead

ANTIGONE: No; then I will not ask you for your help.
Nor would I thank you for it, if you gave it.
Go your own way; I will bury my brother;
And if I die fore it, what happiness?
Convicted of reverence—I shall be content
To lie beside a brother whom I love.
We have only a little time to please the living.
But all eternity to love the dead.
There I shall lie forever. Live, if you will;
Live, and defy the holiest laws of heaven.

Still I was lonely, and she was by my side, my one and only
Knows that she could never hide
I couldn't feel her, and it was just a game
'Cause I was lonely and she was ca-razy

Underground Flower
Serre AW 21/22
all Eternity to love the dead

w. Torre Alain, Valerie You, Rasheed Mirza & Ava Phen
Images by Nicolas Poillot