Underground Flower: CRUISING
presents 《Quarantine Residencies》
by Prsntprsnt
April 19th 2020

火炭駿洋邨藝術家駐留項目 2020

Fotan Chun Yeung Estate Quarantine Centre Artist Residency Program 2020

Location: Fotan, Chun Yeung Estate

地點: 火炭駿洋邨隔離營

飯,諗住天下無不散之筵席,最後晚餐食好啲。行行見到有間日本嘢,好似唔錯。入到去京笹居酒屋,個侍應用個紅外線探熱器探我個額頭。仆街,38°C. 度,今次奶曬嘢,在場各同事即刻驚鳩左,我就當然拿拿臨走人,費事嚇親人。


I am Whampoa Mayor. Today is 2020, April 18th. After I got off work, my colleagues and I went to Tsim Sha Tsui to have a farewell dinner to celebrate the departure of one of our colleagues. We decided to treat ourselves with Japanese delicacies, and went to Jing Saju Izakaya. Upon entering, the waiter used an infrared detector to check my temperature. Fuck, 38 °C. I froze up and wondered if this will be the end of me, my colleagues were freaking out.

I am Whampoa Mayor. Today is 2020, April 19th. I was arranged to enter the quarantine camp in a government re-appropriated quarantine camp in Chun Yeung Estate, Fotan. The site was originally a newly built public housing estate. This is the beginning of my 14 day artist residency program.

Suze Chan,
Betty B,
Whampoa Mayor