Pippi Nola: Pretty on the Outside

Pippi Nola finds freedom in the perfect avatar– aesthetics serve attitude serve aesthetic ∞
The post-Stardoll mental landscape has this disconnection between the subject’s p.o.v. and their mirrors as its nonnegotiable basis, which Pippi uses as a canvas. How can, and why would, Pippi’s ppl try and forget that they’re pretty and look ‘inside,’ so long as the outside world is better (or at least has the right scenery to house their attitude.) Body language, bathroom language, and looks– starting with the avatar and then making its suite and its scenery. The canvas gets bigger and bigger and bigger to encompass all the necessary facets of this attitude. Which of these places suits my attitude, my avatar, expresses me and feeds this contained ∞ where I both watch and perform, construct and experience, sell and buy my self (@myself) as a symbol and as the signified.(I celebrate myself and sing myself and what I assume you shall assume….)

But without the ∞ I can’t even know how much I exist i.e. what my attitude is. Is it wrong?

The bathroom holds the secrets, confessions, rituals, mysteries that are at play in performing ‘girl’. ‘Girl’ is the perfect word, synonymous with ‘fun’, ‘silly’, ‘immature’, ‘pretty’ it encompasses this performativity, a lost art in the age of wokeness. Maybe we were one of the last gen’s to fully experience the self-perpetuating mystery of ‘girliness’? It’s describing a performance that’s beautiful but toxic, fun but intimidating, comical but overwhelming. It involves a self-awareness that when done successfully, should appear completely conceited.

We go to the bathroom to pee, change a tampon, talk some shit, throw up, do a line, makeout, cry, text, call an uber, reapply makeup, sometimes to literally do nothing at all but have a change of scenery.
Purposefully being late to class. Putting on deodorant and standing under the hand dryer to dry it onto ur armpits (to avoid sweatmarks). Subconsciously not going into the first cubicle or the last cubicle. Making a pad out of toilet paper because u randomly got ur period. Moral support toilet trips. Making friends you’ll never talk to again at the sinks.
Public bathrooms (meaning also club/school/just not ur home bathroom) have seen so much!!!! Place for the illicit, only yours for a limited amount of time, bathrooms are wrapped up in shame, a place where we stop performing for a second, only to perform even harder once we leave.

The green room….

Underground Flower
presents Pretty On the Outside by Pippi Nola
28 November - 3 December at Furniture Gallery