There is an orchid that only blooms underground.
Because it never shows itself above ground
few are said to have seen it.
Only luminous ants can enter the blooms,
drawn by the fragrance rising from the runnels cut by the autumn rain.

The orchid withers in sunlight,
which the luminous ants burrow into the ground to escape,
their bodies sparkling bright, though they work in the dark.

Like undeveloped film, this orchid never shows itself;
its whole body consists of roots,
even its blooms are just hidden roots.


w/ El Pelele, Connor Brazier, Robert Yoder, Ray Tat, Fratch Thaft, Alejandra Munoz, Stelios Ilchouk, Vina Curcija, Ian Bruner,
Sean Pearson, Barbaros Kisakol, Coleman Mummery, Marissa Jezak, Noah Travis Phillips,
Fongkikid, Simon Sykora, Ilaria di Emidio

Curated by Underground Flower

Pyeongchon Architectural Park
Anyang, Korea