casting the runes at underground flower offspace


July - August | Fleet Street | Curated by Arthur Poujois | with Marie Lueder, Ewa Awe, Jenkin van Zyl, Yasmina Atta, Colombe D’Humieres, Miranda Keyes, Joseph Kadow, Malina Heinemann, Sam Langrigg, Stefan Kartchev, Hamish Wirgman, Finlay Abbott Ellwood, Tom Hardwick-Allan, Joe Highton, Nina Porter, Arnaud Eubelen | With the participation of Sova Audio | Text by Théo Cascianir | assisted by Linda Mognatoo | webzine by Underground Flower x Bog

numen at underground flower offspace curated by torre alain


a solo show by Guia Bertorello | 10.07 - 01.08.2021 | Earl's Court | curated by Underground Flower | produced by Sophie Ellis | lettering: Felipe Filgueiras | bts images shot by Matt Esselen | webzine: Torre Alain

transgenesis at underground flower offspace


a new series of experiments by Agnes? | 30 April - 23 May 2021 | Belsize Park Gardens | Curated: Arturo Passacantando, Tommaso de Benedictis and Charlie Mills | Assisted by Sophie Ellis and Madalena Botto | Graphic: Giusy Amoroso

ayesha tan jones at underground flower offspace

Ayesha Tan Jones | December - February 2021 | Belsize Park Gardens | Curated: Daria Khan

semelparous at underground flower offspace

Joey Holder | February - March 2020 | Belsize Park Gardens | Curated: Julia Greenaway

Porta Sancta
Hannah Lim & Hugo Harris | Southside | reviewed by Solo Show