NUMEN is a latin word indicating the ‘spirit or divine power presiding over a thing or a place’: the show explores moments of fleeting emotion and spirit enabled by a communal experience of beauty, adornment as a personal ritual, a quiet contemplation of numinous objects and Curated by Underground Flower \\, NUMEN is multidisciplinary artist Guia Bertorello’s first solo show, investigating their practice through incarnations in wearables, moving image, sound and sculpture. A portion of the space will be dedicated to a visualisation of process and research, as well as presenting work from Guia’s graduate project and a short film in collaboration with image maker Matthew Esselen and DOP Ben Leggett. The physical work will be mirrored in an online platform to engage Underground Flower’s vast offsite network.

curated by Underground Flower | produced by Sophie Ellis | bts images shot by Matt Esselen | lettering: Felipe Filgueiras | website: Torre Alain | documentation: Jenn Leung

‘NUMEN’ co-directed by Guia Bertorello and Matt Esselen | DOP: Benjamin Leggett assisted by Camilla Dazzi | Producer: Sophie Ellis | Beauty: An Nguyen | Talent: Caitlin Lucia Irving, Adam Lyall, Sophie Liatis, Hannah Kingsberry, Guia Bertorello | Editor: Samuel Cabrera Marquez

Underground Flower: Offspace in partnership with Harlesden High Street | 2nd Floor, 1 Clear Channel House, Cluny Mews, London SW5 9EG