This collaborative work is the result of experimenting with live action photography and their algorithmic interpretations, superimposed in order to create a series of collages. The portraits of a real life performer/living sculpture strapped with detritus are fed into an AI platform, which creates realistic interpretations of these photos. In an effort to read and define this embodied performativity, the algorithmic process creates a series of uncanny impressions of the real.

The automated procedure of recalling the sensation of a body is often triggered by desire. This work is an attempt to redefine this feeling through the use of writing and image production in a post-gender context. Each collage is accompanied by a supertext conceived by the artists in an associative manner, based on the results of the AI process. This text takes the role of a deconstructed love confession which investigates contemporary human absurdities in the relational landscape. The action of remembering becomes a hybrid attempt to represent an impression of a body, and ultimately a recollection of a lover.


Artists: Konstantinos Lianos, Marios Stamatis
[] [@kiev.athens]