K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet, and 11 is the fundamental number of witchcraft.
K has other magical connotations, corresponding to the power or "shakti" aspect of creative energy.
K is the ancient Egyptian word khu.
K represents the κτείς (vagina), the complement of the rod (phallus) used by the magician during certain phases of the ritual.

93 by runurunu ties together the artists' zoomorphic sculptures with abandoned areas of Matsudo city. The installations create pseudo-ecosystems, following an untended plant nursery to the neglected riverside, slowly unfolding the artists' insecurities of being all too human. As these decorative gestures fail to permeate the contradictions, we are left with a stronger desire to be mired in the dirt of Matsudo.

93: mcg21xoxo

Artist: runurunu
Photos: Taka Kono ⁣⁣

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