Loyal b.

Loyal b. was an ad hoc project space which utilized the unused and undesignated areas (kitchen, corridor, stairwell, etc) of an existing studio/gallery to host spontaneous, moderately occult exhibitions and events from July - December 2019. Our happenings were frequently invite-only - but poised for discovery by curious members of the standard audience.
Its existence was parasitic upon the larger gallery, which in turn was parasitic upon our unpaid intern labour - for a moment, occupying a terse harmony.

Loyal b. hosted several ongoing projects within the space:

::Hellebore::, a showcase of local and international artists inside a steel coldbox;
::Mercury’s Daughter::, impromptu showcasing of artworks & found works occurring on/within a stairwell, bannister, and ventilation duct;
Good Ashes, A lending library & study group

Surrogate Dreams
Good Ashes
Trendy Teddy Phantom Slush