CRUISING: Lichen Works

Underground Flower: CRUISING
presents Lichen Works: How to build a burrow in 20 minutes

how to build yourself a burrow in 20 minutes presented a challenge- an exhibition evolving with the development of an ‘L’ station. to this place which modifies our routine and time, we took 20 minutes to impress upon its walls.

they were quickly and quietly adhered to cold tiles. nestled in the corners of wooden barriers, soft on the vaulted stairwell, glowing by an industrial torch- a spider on the ceiling.

using city infrastructure as common ground, “how to build” proposes a reality in which a situational/happening becomes not performance rather a physical, ephemeral gallery presented online as a location-less viewing experience. one without functional time only the idea of time.

leroy__w, isa__________belle, duntato, oscarcash, joritz_____, oat.milk, sashamaniskov.a, looseleaft