you cursed brat! look what you've done!

Brutus and Nero still visit me in dreams / their jaws stronger, teeth sharper
I no longer check the underside of my bed / I know they’ve grown too long and fat / to fit
but now they walk my muddy perimeter
and they’re bored of catching water birds / and I’m bored of finding bloody feathers / on my porch
I sense they’re getting restless

the man with a hook for a hand understands
how to build a barricade / from a desecrated rowboat
that if worst comes to worst / bed sheets burn better
to never crack an egg / in the presence of a predator
that driftwood can’t be trusted

I understand / that every stone I’ve skimmed / now sits in the belly of a beast overbred / and overfed
but the lake won’t let me drag it / there’s too much to lose / and nothing to gain
so I’ll put up a sign that says / don’t swim here / with the years it will splinter / the paint will fade
the wood will weaken / and slip from the bank / soon into the mouth / of the thing it warned of

All the while / I’ll go over everything / in my mind / a thousand times
but the shape of Brutus and Nero won’t change
their yellow eyes like headlights / steady and keen / watching me through the windows
no birds are left to tide them over / they’re back to bigger and better things

Redeeming folklore as a viable form of dissent, Iona wields stories and symbols as psychosocial weapons capable of circulating subversive information, knowledge, and experience. At the core of her research is the understanding that fictional stories contain and preserve non-fictional histories. From here, the methodology of psychlore has emerged to investigate and implement the power of folklore within contemporary contexts. Specifically, psychlore involves the encryption and dissemination of psychosocial material via symbolism. Positioning folklore as a Trojan Horse, she enacts the discrete movement of ideological information; refining the art of disguise.

Lake Living with Old Lovers: Iona Mackenzi
You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done!

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