Ill Fame

Ill Fame is a project space, gallery, and residence in Perth, WA. Taking place in a 1920s cottage that has been reclaimed and restored as part of a squatters' initiative, it is held open as a space for study, experimentation, and exhibition.

We prioritize voices which are overlooked by dominant discourses.
Skeptical of the polis but engaged in its flows, we are sensitive and sensuous membranes.

We are a DIY, communal, free-to-use space. Our programming is carefully curated but our process is causal - space can be requested on the basis of availability by sending us an email descriptive of your intended project. Slow, ongoing projects as well as very quick and dirty shows are welcome. Our hearth hosts seasonal interventions. We also have a large dollhouse, The Estate, which invites miniaturiuzed and narrative displays. Blueprints of various rooms are available.


I fantasize a springtime and cry <<<

Sleeping Dogs Lie <<<

Hearth <<<