vvxxii is a graffiti writer, and his personal style was developed through it. Most of his installations are installed in a way that they resemble graffiti. Still, when someone gets closer, the 3D effects reveal.

Koumantaki's practice consists of light installations on landscapes, usually near sea areas. For the artist, light embodies otherness, an entity that could be an alien or magical being. Her works portray a possible future where humans are absent, but their traces are found through technology.

The collaborative piece assembles artists' practices, and it is inspired by video games and a form of alternate graffiti. The work creates an open dialogue between light and darkness, an entity that consists of both. Installed in an abandoned building on Ymittos hill, where antennas cover the highest part, the sculpture was placed specially to catch the sunset; colors match the sun's red tones. The concrete building presents the human industrial presence; the entity comes out of this world, found on-premise.

untitled: Hyperlink Athens

Artists: vvxxii, Alexandra Koumataki ⁣⁣

[hyperlinkathens.com] [@vvxxii] [@v3st_a]