Everyone Goes to Heaven

Infinity Sword
Earth Miku
Snotling Krishna
China Painted Goblin King

My work is a set of speculative objects that try to find spirit in places where the physical becomes a confused causal influence over human experience. I want to find the version of our world where our new digital memetic language is a connective fabric that we can learn to weave together. The choreography of understanding is parasitic on the livestreamed tutorial. The raytrace rendering informs a real knowledge of the potential energy of things becoming closer and touching each other. The ritual emerges from the crevices and disposable excess of the physical world. My work is an attempt to discover a set of primary materials that fall out of this fractured reality and build a new, beautiful, natural world that shows humanity in the mediation.

Right now my research can be divided into two prongs. The first is cataloging and reproducing internet craft tutorials to create speculative spiritual objects that are informed by emerging fringe ideologies. The second is on the craft that machines make. I am interested in the ways that machines can come to understand themselves and reality through material understanding.

Everyone goes to Heaven: Harris Rosenblum
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