Gaomian Craft

Underground Flower presents GAOMIAN craft #3 by 赵老直
in Yunnan, China

2020 ®让化身的身份固定在天心的位置,深刻地成为一个原始祭祀和手工艺人。
它的发展要求我完全以一个巫师的状态工作。 这两种方式都会在也得创作中出现,它们的目的都是摧毁当代宗教符号。

Gaomian Craft #3 2020 lets our identity become deeply fixed in the center of the sky. Through an original sacrifice, we are incarnated as ritual artists.
This practise develops from the break in primitive religious systems, allowing them to develop in their original trajectory from the point of an interruption.
This development requires one to work completely as a wizard.
Both paths must appear in this creation; to destroy contemporary religious symbols and find a place for them in the contemporary terrain.