fire lily ii

Then, as if they were wind-blown clouds,
all of the ideas in which we've felt life
and all the ambitions and plans on which
we've based our hopes for the future
tear apart and scatter like ashes of fog,
tatters of what wasn't nor could ever be.
And behind this disastrous rout, the black
and implacable solitude of the desolate starry sky appears


fire lily ii, 2019
Anni Puolakka, Harry Gould Harvey IV, Chris Peckham, Ilya Smirnof, Katja Novitskova, Nik Timkova, Augsuta Vinall Richardson
poem by bernardo soares
storyline, curated, directed: underground flower (halo)
thanks to redo.pal for photo + install assistance
dedicated to the memory of parker aldrich zhang