The end of the story didn't happen?
The 20th century is not over yet
No age is over yet
The story still lasts
Maybe the French Revolution is going on?
Maybe all the revolutions are going on?

Layer by layer, the frames are superimposed on one another,
everything is mixed up.
In what layer was our presence?
Children of what events are we?
The 20th century still haunts us.
All ages haunt us.











Credit History traces the presence of an unknown crowd who possibly lived in the building. This anonymous group left the building right before the photo documentation took place. It is possible that this group can be multiple companies using the building for their usual business. Each newcomer will leave a new trace, layering experiences.

Credit History: Plague

Artists: Arthur Golyakov, Vanya Venmer, Javier Trivino Murillo,
Christian Roncea, Ekaterina Serikova, Christophe De Rohan Chabo, Leyli Aslanova, Nikolay Georgiev

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