Open Calls ♥

Alchemical Anarchic Altar Artshow
Deadline: ongoing

Alchemical Anarchic Alterization ~ the transformation of objects, rituals and space for the practise of the spiritual mysteries of the rebellion.

Participants are invivted to create an altar and install it in any indoor or outdoor space (eg, somewhere it's "not supposed to be"). Your altar can include a reciprocal exchange: free pamphlet, stones, instructions for care or action, or any other freely given tools that create non~capitalistic exchange and magic.

Document your altar (~10 images) and submit, including any optional text. Try to get images of the details of your work, as well as some shots which show the environment in which it's placed.

The Lyrical Museum
Deadline: Ongoing, 1st chapter 10 July

What becomes of an object when it's freed from its equipmentality within Captial, from its suppositions of a binary between spitritual and base reality, and from its expectations of value within accepted histories? What undercurrents of radical magic can be activated and charished through the lyricim of everyday objects? How can everyday animism be used as a practise to rehabilitate our relationship with object~techne~world? Having studied and accepted the inherent positional magic within the commodity object, as described by Marx in his Fetishism of Commodities we seek to tease out, hijack and involute this twisted magical capacity in order to create resistance to the use value assigned to us all by Empire. We seek to use the museum and mediums of technological reproduction not to merely preserve, but to activate aura.

Following Mikhail Epstein in his 1989 essay of the same name, ee envison a kind of museum that displays ordinary things, selected upon the leylines of lyricism rather than value, history, or fame. Every thing, every object, even the most insignificant, can possess a personal, or lyrical value. This is derived from the degree of experience and meaning which the given thing has absorbed, the extent to which it has been incorporated into the owner’s spiritual activity. If we can discern in it a significant meaning, or if we find a signature or commentary affixed to it, then this is an item worthy of inclusion in a lyrical museum. The intent of the museum is to reveal the endless variety and profound significance of things in human life, the wealth of their figurative and conceptual meaning,which can in no way be reduced to a utilitarian role.

Please send your object images, along with any notation you feel is apporiate, to ♥