The Sparrow in the Hand is the Little Man's Liver Sausage

NOW I AM HERE. Somewhere anywhere in the vast lands of EastGerman backcountry near the Czech border. After two years still no feeling of integration, unsurprisingly. But compared to Leipzig I feel this staggering fasciniation for the wylde nature and landscapes I am surrounded by. City-Sick turns into Nature-Awe. I fled a city, where I’ve never landed as an artist. Against all odds, these little mountain villages are more promising to me than a big city with its well connected local and international art scene. My artistic influence and output has always been closely linked to the abstract medium of computers and the internet. I feel like I’m becoming more human in getting closer to the earth and natural cyclical rhythms. And so does my art. Instead of the VisualFastFood on the internet, I cherish the element-based resources of my surroundings. Even if that means that I have to deal with physical limitations. I experience real liberation in that. I finally feel ready to interact instead of withdrawing myself. I am in a liminal space, where the question „Quo vadis, bae?“ emerges again and becomes very personal this time. The off-site show represents the exact momentum of the In-Between. A romantic trial to find my place in this world.








BSMNT has invited Don Elektro from Leipzig in Germany to produce an offsite show for Dirty Laundry. Don calls himself a VISUAL FAST FOOD artist and is mainly at home in digital media and the internet. With his move from the city to the mountains, his creative process has changed as well. More and more he combines digital collages with found natural materials and produces ceramics and sculptures, giving a haptic patina to the perfect artificial surface. The smooth digital production becomes alive and thus also ephemeral. In "Altered States / The sparrow in the hand is the little man's liver sausage" he addresses his inner transformation and creates a very personal and haunting show in a pumped storage reservoir near the Saxon-Czech border that reminds us of crises as a possible new beginning.

Altered States: BSMNT
(The Sparrow in the Hand is the Little Man's Liver Sausage)

⁣⁣Artist: Don Elektro
Technical Support: Marian Luft, Ece Cangüden, Salvador Marino

[@don_elektrq] [@bsmntgallery]